Dr. Eric Schadt visits Global Healthshare

Ray, Eric Schadt, Megan, and Somen

Ray, Eric Schadt, Megan, and Somen

On June 3rd and 4th, 2013, Dr. Schadt visit the UC Davis campus as the Storer Family Endowment Lecturer in Major Issues in Molecular Biology. The title of his presentation was: “Leveraging the Digital Universe of Data to Construct Predictive Models of Disease”. Dr. Schadt is an internationally recognized expert on the generation and integration of very large-scale sequence variation, molecular profiling and clinical data in disease populations for constructing molecular networks that define disease states and link molecular biology to physiology. His research has provided novel insights into what is needed to master diverse, large-scale data collected on normal and disease populations in order to elucidate the complexity of disease and make more informed decisions in the drug discovery arena. He is a very sought after collaborator speaker and advisor. Dr. Schadt’s knowledge and experience, managing big data sets and the structure and function of genomes is relevant to addressing health disparities on a global scale.


Welcome to the blog of Global HealthShare initiative!

Welcome to the blog of Global HealthShare initiative! As we blog, you can think of us as the GHS team.  We hope to provide some insight into the work we do around the world —  applying interdisciplinary approaches to break the cycle of poverty and improving the lives of those who are currently not part of the world’s economy. Our team will share experiences from the field as well as stories from the people we help in the developing world. Of course, we will supplement all of those experiences with as many pictures, videos, and other media to complete the story. In addition, we have archived our news stories prior to the creation of this blog which can be found in the Yearly Archives section.

The GHS team located at our headquarters at the University of California, Davis is quite small — that is, compared to our global consortium of over 40 members and 30 institutions around the world. As a start up humanitarian organization, we all find ourselves wearing many different hats and learning many new things everyday — but we are all bonded by one thing — passion for setting an example and delivering sustainable health solutions to those who need them most. In time this team will grow larger, but for now, let us introduce ourselves:

Raymond Rodriguez, Ph.D, is the Executive Director and is a Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Somen Nandi, Ph.D, is the Managing Director.

Delia Bethell, Ph.D, is our Clinical and Regulatory Specialist.

Megan Doyle, is a recent graduate of UC Davis and is a Research Analyst.

Editha Setiawan, is an MPH student at UC Davis and is a Research Analyst.

Global HealthShare Featured in December Issue of Nature Outlook

Global HealthShare initiative was recently featured in the December 23, 2010 issue of Nature (vol. 468) by New York science writer, Farooq Ahmed. The article entitled “Edible Advice” highlights recent advances in nutritional genomics and efforts to bring the benefits of nutritional genomics to the developing world. The article features quotes by both Ray and Somen, as well as and former Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics member, Jim Kaput. You can access the article here.

Ray and Somen Visit Rockefeller Foundation

Ray and Somen met with Dr. Gary Toenniessen, Managing Director of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City on October 5, 2010 to discuss the mission and goals of the Global HealthShare Initiative. Also in attendance were Mr. Zia Khan, Vice President for Strategy and Evaluation, Evan Michelson, Senior Research Associate, and Robert Marten, Research Associate.