First annual mastitis workshop held in Rwanda

Mastitis Workshop Cover

Mastitis Workshop – February 2015

This past February, Somen Nandi, managing director of Global HealthShare, travelled with Dr. James  Cullor to Kigali, Rwanda to present at a national mastitis workshop that brought together the University of Rwanda School of Agriculture, the Rwandan Agricultural Board (RAB), and the Rwanda National Dairy Platform (RNDP). The aim of the workshop was to highlight the importance of managing, preventing, and treating mastitis, and to enlighten policymakers of the  benefits of conducting research on livestock diseases.

mastitis wrkshp

The outcomes of the workshop intended to educate stakeholders and train farmers as to how to successfully contribute to the prevention of mastitis, while bringing attention of this issue to policymakers.  Emphasizing the current prevalence and economic impact of mastitis infection in the dairy industry of Rwanda is an integral step in the path to prevention and treatment.

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