Global Health News: Children in slums get an education

Young children in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh are getting an early start on education. While the slums in Dhaka are generally characterized as dingy and sad, the people and especially children bring life to the city. The children begin school at age 4, and are placed into government primary schools when they complete pre-primary school. The parents of these children are mostly day laborers, and are often deprived of the basic rights to proper health and hygiene, nutritious food, and education. UNICEF,B, as well as BRAC work constantly to secure proper education for these children.

© UNICEF/BANA2013-00707/Ahsan Khan

© UNICEF/BANA2013-00707/Ahsan Khan

“The children of pre-primary slum schools are smart and confident and are also good performers at school. They can easily adapt to their environment and are always eager to learn” – Fatema Yasmin, Senior Branch Member, BRAC pre-primary education

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